To cross-check payments with e-commerce platforms, what you do is similar to cross-checking payments with carriers. Previously, you need to install the “Payment Reconciliation” app in the Browse app section to be able to track the status. See how to install it here

After the app is successfully installed, you’ll see the interface displayed as shown below


In this interface, you can view orders waiting to be cross-checked from sales channels, e-commerce platforms, and carriers.


To approve orders that have been successfully cross-checked, you can do two ways:

1. Approve cross-check for a single order

At the order that you want to approve cross-check, turn off the cross-check in the “Action” column >>> and then turn it back on >> The selected order status will be switched to “Settlement”



2. Approve cross-check for bulk order

Option 1:

Select the orders you want to approve in the list >>, and then select “Bulk Action” >> “Bulk cross-check”


At the new window that opens select “Confirm”


The status of selected orders will change to “Settlement”

Option 2:

In addition to the above, you can cross-check for bulk orders by importing excel files. To approve cross-check for bulk order by excel files, follow these steps:

Step 1: In the app interface, select “Import by Excel”
Step 2: Fill the excel cross-check files like below

Column “#”: Order number of orders
Column “Order code”: Fill in the approved order code in the list of orders that needs to be cross-checked
Column “Shipment code”: Fill in the shipment code of the orders that need to be cross-checked
Column “COD received”: The COD collection amount of the actual order received. In case the order does not have a COD fee, fill in 0.


Step 3: After importing excel files, the interface changes to a new window to select the corresponding data of columns in an excel file


Step 4: After the data column is matched, select “Search orders.” The system filters approved orders in the excel file to pass to the “Settlement” state. In case the order code is not in the cross-check list, the message will be displayed as shown in the image below.


  • If you then select “Close” >> the system will not save the data of those shipments.
  • If you select “Cross-check” >> The shipments that have been approved for payment cross-checked in the excel file that is not displayed on Omisell system will be pushed to the “Wrong status” section.

How to deal with orders that haven’t been cross-check

With some shipments waiting to be cross-checked that haven’t met the requirements, you can cancel cross-check to note the orders that need to be processed and in 2 ways below:

Stop cross-check for a single order

At the order you want to approve, turn off the cross-check in the “Action” column >>> The order will be in a “Waiting for cross-check” status so that you have time to verify the information with the parties. When you want to approve cross-check payment with this order, in the “Action” column and >>> the order status changes to “Settlement.”

Stop cross-check for bulk order

Select the orders you want to approve in the list >> list then select “Bulk Action” >> Select “Deselect cross-check” >> The selected orders will be in a “Waiting for cross-check” status and cross-check is turned off.