To cross-check payments with carriers you need to install the “Payment Reconciliation” app in the Browse app section to be able to track the status. See how to install it here

After the app is successfully installed, you’ll see the interface displayed as shown below

In this interface, you can view orders that are waiting to be cross-checked from sales channels and carriers.

Approving cross-check

Step 1: Select Import by Excel

Step 2: Select Delivery partner and Browser a file and click Import file

Column "#": number of orders
Order Code : Enter the approved order code in the list of orders to be approved and verified
Bill of lading : Enter the bill of lading code of the order that needs to be approved and verified
COD actually received: COD amount of the order actually received. In case the order does not incur a COD fee, enter 0
Payment method : enter the form of payment in cash (cash) or transfer (transfer)
Account Number: Enter the account number to receive payment (if paying by bank transfer)
Reconciliation Time: Fill in the time of reconciliation for easy lookup

Step 3: After importing excel file, click on Start Cross-check

Step 4: After the cross-check is successful, select OK to complete.

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