Here is noted product information you need to pay attention to when creating and synchronizing products on Omisell

1. Synchronizing product’s SKUs in all sales channels

Easier for inventory and orders management when doing multi-channels sales through Omisell, avoiding the mistake of existing one product with 2 SKU codes leading to incorrect inventory management.

2. Updating adequate required characters for each channel in detailed description

Each resale channel has a different detailed description content requirement. Therefore, when synchronizing products from selling channels to Omisell to sell on another channel, the seller needs to review the request for product description content of that selling channel to update the reasonable description details.

3. Diversify product images to satisfy the sales channels requirements

Normally, product images posted on sale channels will mostly require square photos and the size of photos is not too large or small. Each platform has different image and size requirements. Therefore, when doing multi-channels sales through Omisell, product images must meet that multi-channel selling requirements to achieve the best effective sales.

The article below includes 3 notes about product information when creating & synchronizing products on Omisell. Hopefully, through this article, you can optimize the product information content to make multi-channel sales more effective.

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