Packing statement is a statement created for the warehouse team so they can pick up goods according to the list of products or orders easily. This packing statement function is applied to units with warehouses outside the Boxme system to make it easier and easier to pick up goods in stock.

Create packing statement

Step 1: When a new shipment is created, go to “Shipments” >> Select “Packing list”.


Step 2: Click on “Create Packing” green button on the top right corner of the page. Here you can select the time mark of the order created to filter the list of shipments that are able to create a packing statement or search order code/ shipment code that needs you to create a packing statement

Step 3: In this order, you want to create a packing statement. Click the yellow + sign button to add to the list of orders that will create the list. The selected orders will be displayed in the table on the right. After selecting the orders that want to create the packing statement >>> Select the “Create pickup” button.


Step 4: After the above step, the screen will jump to the inventory management interface, the newly created statement will be added to the list. So you’ve successfully created a packing statement.

How to use the packing statement

In the packing statement management interface, select the eye icon at the end of the list you want to view to see the statement details. The interface will show the information of the statements as shown below.

Here you can do things like:

  • Print product statement: When you need to print a list of products according to the packing statement, click on the yellow “Print product statement” button in the upper-right corner of the screen. The system will statistically display products and quantities to be taken from the shipments in the packing statement. You can print this statement to make it easier for warehouse managers to pick up items
  • Print your order statement: In case your warehouse has fewer products and wants to separate the inventory by order for convenient control, you can use this function by clicking the blue “Print order statement” button on the upper-right corner of the screen. Similar to the “Print product statement” function, you also print the product statistics according to each of these shipments code to the warehouse manager for pick-up and packaging
  • Print shipment label: Click on the printer icon at the shipment to print or to print the shipment of many orders, select the shipment to print >> Bulk Action >> Print the selected shipments.
  • Packaged confirmation: Click on the package icon at the shipment to confirm or to confirm that it has been packaged for multiple shipments code, select the shipments you want to confirm >> Bulk Action >> Packaged
  • Delete shipments in the list: To delete the shipment in the packing statement, click on the trash icon at the shipment code you want to delete.