A dispatch statement is a freight forwarding statement for warehouses to have documents for control and delivery with the carrier.

Create dispatch statement

To create a dispatch statement, you first need to have a packing statement.

When you have a packing statement, create a dispatch statement as follows:
Step 1: Go to “Shipments” >> “Dispatch list”

dispatch statement

Step 2: Select the blue “Create Dispatch” button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

dispatch statement

Step 3: Select the time mark to find the shipment code, or find the shipment code, the order code in the search box
Step 4: Select the “Add all” button if you want to create a dispatch statement for the orders in the list, or click the yellow + sign button on each shipment code that wants to create the dispatch statement.

dispatch statement

Step 5: To delete any shipment code >> Click the trash icon on that shipment code that you want to delete.

Step 6: After selecting the shipment code, you need to create a dispatch statement >> select “Create pickup”. After this step, the screen will return to the original dispatch interface with the newly created statement added to the list.

dispatch statement

View dispatch statement

In the list of dispatch statements, click on the eye icon to see the dispatch statement details

dispatch statement

In the detailed section of the dispatch statement, you can see the order code, shipment code, delivery status, the number of products in each order, and the carrier of that order. Here you can do:

  • Print the dispatch statement: Select the button “Print dispatch” – yellow, top right corner of the screen to print the dispatch statement so that the carrier can sign when received
  • Confirm Dispatch: Select the “Confirm dispatch” button – blue, top right corner of the screen to confirm delivery to the carrier on the Omisell system

Delete dispatch statement

Go to “Dispatch list”, at the end of the statement you want to delete, click the 3 vertical dots icon and select “Delete” to delete the created dispatch statement