Connect sales channels to help you to easily manage omnichannel sales.
Select My store >> SEA Marketplace and select the platform that you want to connect your store to Omisell. Omisell can integrate with major E-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia like Jing Dong, Lazada, Sendo, Shopee, Tiki and Zalo.

After selecting the sales channel you want to connect to, please fill out the required information:

  • Store name
  • Store URL
  • Fulfillment provider
  • API key (optional)
  • API secret (optional)

Enter the necessary information of the shop on the E-commerce platform you choose, then select “Connect”. The screen will switch to the login interface of the exchange of your choice to request access. Continue to login and allow permission for Omisell to connect with the store. When you see your store name in the list below, the connection is successful.

After finishing connection, it is necessary to link the pickup address and select to synchronize inventory and orders, automatically create shipments to update the sales status on the newly connected shops on the Omisell.

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