For users who are using Boxme, having stock available and inventory handling will be of great benefit if you integrate with Omisell.

When there are orders in sales channels, you will no longer need to manually check and synchronize, the system will automatically scan orders according to the time you install. For example, if you choose to push the order every hour, or every 30 minutes, so with that many orders on the day of the sale, Omisell synchronizes in bulk to the system. This means Boxme will help you completely replace logistics such as picking up, packing, labeling, sending to the carrier, checking inventory, updating inventory.

1. Log in Omisell with Boxme account

The Omisell system allows users with a Boxme account to log in directly to the system without creating a new account. To log in Omisell with Boxme account, click here and select

Fill in Boxme account and password

After entering the name and password, the system will ask for verification code. After entering the verification code, select Confirm, the system will display the Omisell interface so you can start using it.

2. Connect Boxme to Omisell

To connect to Boxme, go to “Browse app”. Select “Boxme” app and click on “Detail”.

The next step, you fill in the required information to complete the connection step.

– You want to automatically sync all products from Boxme to Omisell?
The purpose is to help you get all inventory information for products for sale in Boxme, and from there you post to other sales channels
– Do you want to automatically or manually sync the warehouse address from Boxme?
This eliminates the need to add an existing pickup address when configuring on Boxme. Omisell will retrieve Boxme stock information is the warehouse that is storing your products.

Once connected, the Boxme app will show you the inventory sync history and product sync history.
You can choose to sync products from Boxme to Omisell, or products from Omisell to Boxme.

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