Many shops are successfully using livestream as a means of selling on social networking sites (for example, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Since consumers can see the items they would buy up close and personal, selling via livestream will attract thousands of views and hundreds of purchase comments.

As a result, many online companies are turning to livestreaming as their primary sales platform. Recognizing this need, Omisell and Botlive have teamed up to help sellers generate and synchronize orders from livestream fully automatically, allowing sellers to handle orders from several different sales channels from a single Omisell framework.

Follow these simple steps to link and sync orders from Botlive to Omisell so that sellers can handle orders from the livestream from a single location:

Step 1: Connect Omisell to Botlive

Select My Store => Shopping Platform => Botlive

After connecting Omisell to your Botlive account, you will post the products that will be sold in the livestream for the Botlive system to record.


Step 2: Orders are closed live on the screen.

A single latch structure, such as the product code in the livestream or the recipient’s phone number, can be set up.

Step 3: Sync orders from Botlive to Omisell

To sync orders, select Orders => All orders, click Add orders then select Sync Orders and choose Botlive channel. Omisell system will receive information about orders that you have successfully closed on Botlive.

Botlive functions similarly to a traditional sale channel, as previously mentioned. Connecting Botlive and Omisell would allow sellers to receive order details from Livestream directly through Omisell, allowing them to manage all orders from centralized sales channels in one place.