After signing up for an account, an pop-up for** 14-day trial ** will appear on the screen. You will be able to use all the features on the system for ** free for 14 days **.

When the 14-day trial is over, you will receive a notification offering you to upgrade your subscription.

The notification also includes a link that directs you to Omisell’s billing plans page.

Currently, Omisell allows users to pay via Visa card, so you need to enter Card information in the "Link card now" .

Then, fill in your Visa card information and pay for the registered service package.


Currently, Omisell accepts payment once a month. Customers add a payment card, the system automatically charges fees on the 2nd of every month.

For example:

Buy on September 15, it will charge from September 15th -> October 2nd = 17 days » 499k * 17 /30 = 283k

Continue until October 2nd, will automatically collect for the period of October 2nd -> November 2nd = 30 days » 499k

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