E-commerce is estimated at around two trillion dollars today. But what are the trends in 2021? A survey has shown that the emphasis on omnichannel sales, personalization has been renewed. This blog will show you what are the trends in 2021 and it can help you be one step ahead of your competitors.

1. Consumer Behaviors

When the pandemic began, the consumer behaviors changed. Consumers nowadays prefer to purchase goods that are easy and quick. For example, groceries and hygiene products were rarely touched by consumers before the pandemic break-out, but now it has become the new standard in 2020/2021. 

So to attract consumers to buy your products, you have to make their online shopping experience easy and quick. This will serve their demand for speed and convenience. During the pandemic, 75 percent of customers said they were testing new brands and 60 percent of them said they were going to continue buying from them after the pandemic. This would be your long-term process to improve your profits if you can attract them now.

2. Omnichannel Selling 


If you are expecting to grow your stores across platforms, you would need to integrate your inventory to prevent overselling. Overselling can do a lot of damage to your business since you can lose customers and hence it can affect your revenue. 73% of the shoppers tend to visit multiple sales channels before making a decision, so the chance of you overselling is not low.

Omnichannel helps you to sync all of your inventories across platforms so you will never experience overselling. It can also help you to improve your customer experience when shopping in your store. Omisell is a great example for omnichannel selling, Omisell can connect to Shopee, Shopify, Lazada,…. most of the major sales channels that are available in the market. 

3. Mobile Shopping


Nowadays, mobile phones have become an essential item in our everyday life. As a result, consumers tend to make a purchase on their phone rather than on their laptop. Around 73% of all e-commerce sales are taken up by mobile sales. If your site is not mobile-friendly, 30 percent of online shoppers are likely to drop their cart.So before expanding to another platform / sales channels, you should check if they are mobile friendly (apps). 

4. Free returns trend

Free returns are always a way to keep your customers and an important factor in online commerce  business strategy. Customers will expect a free return in 2021, especially with Covid-19 happening around the world. More than half of online sellers state that in 2021, they would like to give customers free return. This would also be beneficial for customer service, the more your customers are satisfied, the more they would like to buy from you in the future. 

5. Direct selling from social media

Another tactic that online retail firms should start adopting is direct selling from social media. It’s simply much more convenient to purchase directly from social networks and the consumer path is much shorter. Thus, it suggests less confusion and less abandonment of carts. Almost half the sellers state that they would plan to sell directly on social media in 2021.

6. Checkout & Payment


Brands that offer different payment options tend to survive during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. If you don’t do this, customers would be less likely to buy from you, hence there will be a reduction in sales. Most eCommerce stores now accept digital wallets, cryptocurrencies, and buy-now-pay-later options. 

7. Final thoughts

A new year is starting and Covid-19 is still happening, this is also the time for you to implement a different approach. Omisell provides 6 of these trends to help you, the sellers, to improve your stores and boost your revenue. 


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