1. Add a single product

Go to “Inventory”, click “New product” >> “Create product”

The system will switch to the product information page as shown below. Fill out the required information.

Some note:
Product SKU: No required, if you don’t set an SKU for your product, the system will create your own default SKU for that product.

  • Product photos: Maximum 5 photos allowed
  • Product Description: The content of this product description may be customized when posting on different sales channels due to character limitations.
  • Product Classification: Adding a classification of your goods gives buyers more choices. If you need more than 1 category, click “Add attribute” to add a category of goods.
  • With a list of technology products such as cameras, computer phones, there will be an option to add “Manage Serial / IMEI” to facilitate warranty monitoring and return to customers. Depending on the nature of the product and the model of your store and storage unit, choose to enable or disable this item accordingly.

2. Add multiple products using an Excel file

In case you have many products that need to be added to Omisell, using Excel files will save you a lot of time and effort in data entry.

Follow the instructions below:

Go to “Inventory”, click “New product” and select “Import products (Excel)”.

In the new window, download the Excel template file to fill in the product information.

  • How to fill in the Excel template:
  • Product name
  • Category: Product category (Refer to the Category sheet in the template)
  • Product type: Physical or Digital
  • Variant name: Specific details like specifications, sizes, or colors
  • Description: Detailed product description (Usually requires at least 100 characters to be listed on the e-commerce platform)
  • Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3: Type of goods classification (by color, size, volume, …)

Option 1 Value / Option 2 Value / Option 1 Value: Value according to the specific classification of the product. (Example: If “Attribute 1” is color, “Attribute value 1” will be the color of the product to be specified as black/red/white, …).

_Note that each “Attribute value” must be displayed separately on a separate line, not on a single line. For example, Product A has 2 color attributes: black and white, when shown on the excel file, it should be entered into 2 separate lines and distinguished by the “attribute value” in black or white.

  • EAN / UPC / BARCODE: Product management barcode (optional)
  • SKU: The product barcode set by the store owner
  • Weight: Weight of the product
  • Dimension: The size of the product packaging (Width x Length x Height)
  • Price: Product price
  • Sale price: Product price after discount (optional)
  • Image 1 URL / Image 2 URL / Image 3 URL: Link to detailed product pictures

After finishing the excel file, add the product according to the model, drag the newly created file to the file upload section, and select “Import file”. After adding an excel file, a product will be notified by a listing.

3. Import products from your store

Import products from your store so that Omisell manages all products from your sales channels.

Go to “Inventory”, click “New product” >> “Import from stores”

In the new window:

  • Choose the store you want to import product from
  • Choose the product import method
  • Import product from store only: Products will be updated under “Products store” >> “Not linked”
  • Import product from the store & create new inventory SKU: Products will be updated in both “Inventory” and the “Products stores” >> “Linked”